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31 Trendy Designs For Floating Nightstands and Bedside Tables in 2022

If you're like most people, you probably think of floating nightstands as a modern touch to your room decor.

But if you talk to interior designers you'll see the truth is this piece of bedroom furniture has been around for a long time!

In this post, we'll take a look at some of our favorite examples of both modern and classic variations to show you how to add this timeless touch when working with a designer to craft a living space you love.

We can build just about anything, so whether you're looking for a sleek and modern vibe or something more timeless, we've got you covered with a ton of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

If you want to go even bigger and love this style, we have another article about why we love floating shelves here with pictures of our own installations, and some things you should know about their pros and cons.

That said, lets see some examples!

1) The Basic Minimalist Floating Nightstand

Minimal floating nightstand
A Minimal Floating Nightstand

This design is about as no frills as a floating shelf can get and can be easily mounted in most spaces since it is so minimal. Perfect for a dorm room, or small bedroom that may not have the floor space for a bedside tables that sits on the floor.

While we don't necessarily love the pile of books sitting on the floor or the clip on lamp with the exposed wire, for some types of rooms something more elaborate (check out the last item on this list!) might not make as much sense.

This design definitely gets it done.

2) Double Decker Wooden Floating Nightstand

double level floating night stand
Double Level Floating Nightstand

What makes this design of floating nightstand such a great solution is it looks like the two thick shelves are hovering in mid air by magnets or by magic, yet they provide functional storage space that is easy to access when you haven't gotten out of bed yet.

Unlike some boxier designs, you don't have to reach around to fish things out of the front of the nightstand. Everything is easy to see and access while in bed or standing up walking around.

The only downside here is its easier to knock things off the top level so maybe opt to put your glasses or that glass of water on the bottom level if you tend to wake up very groggy!

3) The Space Saving Miniature Box Style

Floating Nightstand With Open Front In Natural Wood Finish
Floating Nightstand With Open Front In Natural Wood Finish

It's small, it's cute, offers just enough space and the color scheme of this design works well here.


The nightstand itself is basically a small, open box held together with wood glue. It's stained with a natural wood finish against a blue wall with a small fern or succulent. The combination of blue, brown, and a dash of green color reminds us of natural settings and has an inherently calming energy to it, which is always a good thing in the room we do all of our resting in.

4) A Carved Natural Finish Nightstand With Matching Accent Light

A Carved Natural Finished Floating Nightstand with Accent Light
A Carved Natural Finished Floating Nightstand with Accent Light

An accent light over a floating nightstand always helps to pull the room together and in this design it helps highlight the natural wood grain that matches the headboard of the bed and furniture.

This is a great solution to help unify the design of the room and most people are going to enjoy the natural wood texture that serves as the theme for this space.

Since this room has a little more space to work with than the other examples, the larger surface area and extra deep shelf doesn't feel as if it is encroaching on the rest of the room and dominating the space too much. Definitely a better choice for slightly larger spaces for the person who enjoys being able to spread out a bit.

5) Shabby Chic Bed Linen Storage

Floating Nightstand Designed To Store Extra Linens
Designed To Store Extra Linens

If you're looking for space saving ideas that are functional for a bedroom, this is a trendy design that fits the bill. The nightstand is bigger than usual and designed to accomodate extra sheets and other bed linens.

This is the perfect solution for the client who always insists on having fresh, clean bedsheets as often as possible.

6) Add A Quirky Accent With An Exposed Lightbulb

Exposed Lightbulb In a Floating Nightstand
The Exposed Lightbulb Gives This Nightstand A Unique Touch

If you're a fan of a more "bare bones" kind of look, this unique nightstand is minimal and the exposed wire and literally bare lightbulb will give you that feeling.

Calling this a nightstand might feel like a bit of a stretch for some people, but this is an example of a wall mounted nightstand thats more about style than maximizing functionality.

We wouldn't put this in the master bedroom of a luxury apartment, but in more rustic, small spaces this could absolutely be the right move. It is definitely a way to save space too!

7) An Ornate, Elegant Storage Space

Floating Nightstand with lattice sides
A More Ornate Option

For slightly more ornate tastes, this dark wooden piece adds a more decorative look with the lattice-like design on the sides.

The example here uses a simple bedside lamp that sits on the nightstand, but this would also look great with a wall mounted accent light and save space for electronic devices, glasses, and other items you might want to have within reach at night.

8) Ultra Minimal Version In White

A Small white floating Nightstand
White, Simple Design

This list has plenty of examples featuring wood grain, but it's hard to go wrong with a simple design in white. This list would not be complete without it!

There are a few more examples of white designs further down the list, but this is one that should work in most spaces, provided that the rest of the interior isn't too dark. As long as the white matches everything else and doesn't stick out too much, you should be good to go.

Also, since its fairly tiny, this design will work in a small bedroom with ease. However, it might not be the best choice in a very large space with a huge bed and lots of furniture. In that situation is might feel out of place.

9) Floating Bedside Table With Exposed Metal Brackets

Floating Shelf with metal brackets
Exposed Brackets On A Quasi-Floating Shelf

A true floating shelf does not have any exposed brackets. They appear to hover with no external support.

But some people do like the look of seeing the structural support, even if it is just to inspire confidence that the shelf is going to support the weight of whatever you stack on it. In this floating shelf article we get into some details about how strong floating shelves can be and how we're able to install some that are strong enough to be used as desks.

So, fine, we fibbed a little bit here! Is it a true floating nightstand? No. Does it look great and make clients happy? Absolutely.

10) Minimal Floating Shelf With A Phone Slot

Floating Nightstand with electronic device slot
Notice The Electronics Slot In This Design

We chose to include this design because despite being similar to some of the other minimal "just enough space" style nightstands on the list, it includes a small design feature that can be integrated into just about any of the other designs you see here.

Did you catch how there is a slot routed into the edge of the shelf that works as a phone stand?

Yes, we know you're not supposed to use your phone in bed but everyone does it and it can be done responsibly! So many people have opted to use their phone as an alarm clock or have virtual assistants set up to turn on their lights or even make coffee in the morning that we think this feature can make a lot of sense for some clients.

11) Dark Stained Wood With Double Drawers

stained wooden floating nightstand with two drawers
Floating Nightstands with Drawers

Did you spot the feature on this nightstand that we haven't discussed on the list yet? Drawers!

This design has two drawers in a dark wood stained finish with a ton of contrast. The dark wood really pops against the light color theme of the room and the white nightstand they are housed inside.

12) Unfinished Wood For A Rustic Look

floating nightstand in dark rustic wood finish
Rustic Wooden Nightstand

Perfect for that getaway cabin or making your home in the city feel less like the city, this nightstand features an accent light built right into the unit. The wooden slab the attaches to the wall is much bigger than the side table where you would keep things, but that's the point.

The heavy wood grain and deep texture of unfinished timber has tons of character. Does it offer much storage? Not really, but this design is about adding vibe, not saving space.

If you'd rather split the difference, this can be modified to have a smoother, more polished finish, add additional shelves, or just incorporate a convenient single drawer immediately below the first level.

We can build just about anything so don't feel like this is the only possible design. Use your imagination and we can run with it.

13) Miniature Floating Shelves With Limited Space

floating nightstand in a small open cabinet format
Open Cabinet Style Nightstand

Perfect for bedrooms on the smaller side, this nightstand is an open storage space that stores items more vertically than horizontally. It's too shallow to add drawers, but we can always modify the design to build it higher if you need to create more storage space in a small bedroom.

You can opt to keep this open shelf design at roughly the same height as the headboard, or build significantly higher if you have the vertical space, which is common in urban bedrooms that are common in Northern New Jersey and New York City where we frequently do our fabrications and installations.

14) Elegant, Folded Floating Nightstand

A folded floating nightstand in a white bedroom
Asymmetrical Folded Nightstand

This is a folded nightstand design that has a peculiar charm to it. The section of shelf that extends on the bottom level can be oriented however you prefer, either toward the bed or away from it as it is pictured here.

If you're a designer that would prefer a drawer here, this is a good candidate to modify for that purpose. We can change the shape or scale this up to include a single large drawer in the center and still utilize the shelf extension on the lower level of the nightstand.

15) A Thick Walnut Slab Always Works

A Dark Walnut Floating Nightstand
Thick Walnut Nightstand

Simple. Solid. Timeless. It's really hard to go wrong with a thick piece of walnut. It's a beautiful material to consider if you insist on a wooden look for a space.

Thinner, more minimal bedside tables are functional and lighter looking in terms of aesthetics, but some people think they look cheap.

You will not have that problem here. It's not super complex, but this does not look like the typical diy designs you'll see in tutorials around the internet.

16) Thin, Simple Design In White Metal

Metal Fabricated Floating Nightstand
Metal Fabricated Floating Nightstand

Most of the floating bedside tables in this list are made of wood because the look is so timeless, but this is another option to consider, particularly if you have an idea for a more unconventional shape.

This is a white, metal nightstand that can be shaped in many different ways and is wall mounted with hidden brackets.

17) Single Drawer Floating Nightstand in White

Simple white Floating Nightstand with a single drawer
Simple Nightstand In White With One Drawer

Another design that's difficult to go wrong with: a single drawer and all white design.

To customize this nightstand to fit the decor, you can modify the handle on the drawer, but otherwise we feel that this design should mostly be left as is! It's been around for a such a long time for a reason.

However, if you want a more creative storage space or want to explore more bedside table concepts, read on!

18) More Storage Space With Style: Multiple Offset Boxes

Floating Cabinets next to a white bed with books, pictures and plants
Stacked, Asymmetrical Floating Cabinet

A modern floating cabinet nightstand hybrid design. We wouldn't call this a cabinet, but it's definitely not a bedside table either. It's somewhere in between and the cubist, stacked look is perfect for a modern bedroom.

You can even work with a designer to push this concept further. Think about different offsets, bigger variations in box size, adding internal compartments, or even angling some of the various units to make the shelf even more asymmetrical.

If you've always wants a functional sculpture in your master bedroom, this could be the design concept to get you there!

19) Three Variations On The White Open Storage Space

Think a white box is just a white box? Think Again!

Floating Nightstand in white with open front design
Simple White Open Nightstand


To be fair, this image is getting some help because the books match the decor. Real life is usually a little more complicated than that.

But the open white box will always be on the table in terms of design for a bedside table. It's too timeless to ever go away.

Floating Nightstand in white with brass corners
White Nightstand With Light Ornamentation

Turn This One Up

This variation on the white box features some accent pieces on the corners and can be made with various textures and wraps on the exterior, not too different than what you might see on a guitar amplifier.

It looks simple from a distance and you'll notice the details more when you get up close.

Thin White Floating Nightstand
Thin White Nightstand

Keep It Light

Not everyone is into the look of thin shelves, but for a space where lightness is a quality you want, they can be the perfect choice.

As much as we love the look of thick wood mounted to the wall, its not always the best choice.

20) For The Smallest Of Spaces

Micro Nightstand In the Corner Of a Bedroom
Micro Nightstand

Could this possibly be any cuter?

For a very, very small guest bedroom where you need to conserve valuable floor space, this is just enough space and a great solution overall.

You can take a corner that might otherwise be wasted space and create a micro bedside table. Mount the lamp over the shelf and you can store an essential or two with style.

Micro Nightstand With Single Brace with a small book and a houseplant
Micro Nightstand With Single Brace
Another Way To Do A Micro Shelf

This nightstand is a variation on the micro nightstand featured in the last photo. It has about the same amount of storage space, except a deliberately visible wood support from the bottom.

No drawers to be found here! Just a cute, rustic nightstand with no frills.

Even though this article is focused on designs you'd use in the bedroom, this is one to keep in mind for the kitchen too! With the help from the bottom support, you can hang a few items from the bottom of this design.

21) Dual Use Floating Nightstand and Vanity

Nightstand and Floating Vanity Combination
Nightstand and Floating Vanity Combination

Nightstands are usually a dedicated piece of furniture, but this is an example of a dual use item which combines it with a vanity.

The entire wall mounted unit uses no floor space at all to store things next to the bed, then you can wake up and use it to go through your morning makeup or skincare regimen.

22) White Bedside Table

Simple White Nightstand With Drawers and Open Shelf and a small lamp and houseplant
Simple White Nightstand With Drawers and Open Shelf

This elegant bedside table may appear as if it has less storage space than it actually does because it's easy to miss the drawer in the middle.

It looks like two levels, but it's actually three: the top shelf, the drawer in the middle for hidden storage and a slim bottom shelf that's ideal for keep a small book or journal.

23) Floated From The Bed Frame

Bedframe, Nightstand & Headboard As One Piece
Bedframe, Nightstand & Headboard As One Piece

Most designs for a floating bedside table require mounting to the studs in the wall, however this method incorporates them into the actual bed frame.

The headboard for the bed, frame and both nightstands are all one big piece of furniture!

This is an intense, rustic design that looks quite stunning in the right space, but not one that will be easy to relocate if you decide to move. The lamp for each nightstand is even integrated into the bed!

24) A Contemporary Style In Graphite

Graphite Floating Nightstand
Graphite Design

This graphite look is at home in a space that leans heavily on modern design and can be constructed in a variety of ways, both as a drawer that pulls out from the front or instead using a removable lid on top the the nightstand to access storage.

Just be aware this is heavier than other designs here, so the wall will need something very sturdy to anchor into.

25) His & Hers Made From Leftover Pieces of Chestnut (Or Other Hardwoods)

Matching His and Hers Floating Nightstands
Matching His and Hers Design

These matching, dual floating nightstands have that rustic look thanks to all the exposed wood grain and bare lightbulbs that popped up in some of the other designs on the list.

Two levels of shelves give the person on each side of the bed open storage space and even integrates an outlet for charging electronic devices or a dedicated alarm clock.

They're tall and narrow to fit this space since the bed is in a tight space between the wall and door—a common situation here in NJ and NYC where we do most of our installations and construction.

26) Two Tier, Rounded Nightstand

Floating Nightstand With Rounded Corners and a small succulent plant
Floated Nightstand With Rounded Corners

A floating bedside table with no corners. Totally different look than many of the other variations here and that's why it's great. Just enough storage space for most people, it looks unique, and you can't bump into a corner of it in the dark and hurt yourself.

You can also see here from a design perspective the roundness complements the small plant with similarly rounded leaves.

These little details are often what makes a room have that "wow" factor, that je ne sais quoi that's sometimes hard to put your finger on.

27) The Cylinder

Cylindrical Floating Nightstand with a clock and cactus on top
Cylindrical Nightstand

This is a unique take on the floating nightstand that has some functionality. Aside from just looking really cool, the rounded space in the middle of the piece is great for items you don't want to hit the floor so easily, like glasses (pictured above).

It can even be manufactured to have a lip milled into the edges or a covering on the side of the cylindrical interior to keep items inside from slipping out.

28) A Unique, Carved Texture

Floating nightstand carved with a modern, computer generated pattern
Novel Wood Pattern Made With AI & Generative Digital Fabrication Methods

If you are seeking a modern, floating cabinet nightstand this is one of the most attention grabbing designs on the list. The unique, wave-like carved texture resembles the AI generated, digitally fabricated acoustic panels in elite concert halls. It requires some special equipment to do and combines art with functional effortlessly.

Calling this a nightstand isn't wrong, but we feel that is selling things a little short. It's just as much a bedside table as it is a sculpted piece of art.

29) Carved Insignia

Floating Nightstand with Custom Face insignia
Drawer Etched With Custom Insignia

Since the last example looks like something from the future, this nightstand design contrasts it by incorporating elements of the past.

The custom insignia carved into the convenient single drawer is pure nostalgia for times from decades past. For the client who appreciates the classics and has a particular insignia in mind that holds a particular meaning, this is a design that will resonate.

30) Extra Storage Space With A Hidden Drawer

Floating nightstand made of wood with a reverse drawer
A Clever Inverted Drawer Design

If you like the idea of having extra storage space but you don't like the look of drawers or an open box style design, this may be the option for you.

This design is basically a reversed drawer. The advantage here is you get the clean, sleek look of solid, floated wood shelf while getting some extra storage that is also discreet.

It's possible to add a handle to the drawer, but keeping things hidden makes this design more interesting. When the drawer is closed you really can't see that there's a drawer at all.

31) Glowing Nightstand With Integrated Night Light

Modern Floating Nightstand with blue LED light inside located in a bedroom
With Integrated LED Lighting

For the ultra modern minded, these unconventional nightstands look like they would be at home in space. The upper and lower portions of the nightstand can be made with and veneered with a variety of materials and LED lights are housed in the middle portion of the floating nightstand.

What's even cooler is with all the possibilities offered by smart lighting systems, these lights can be programmed to operate from home automation systems or a smart phone app and change color based on mood or the time of day. You can even control them with your voice!

To Wrap It Up

Floating nightstands and bedside tables are a great way to add function and style to any bedroom. And with so many unique designs out there, we hope this article helped you to get your creative juices flowing.

If you’re in the designing stages of a space or have questions on how to fabricate your ideas, contact us!

Our team of experts will work with you to help realize your vision. So what are you waiting for? Let us help you bring your design dreams to life!

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