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Françoise Aramide Akinosho

Collaborative Designer/Critic 

Aramide  is an architect. She runs the innovative office of architecture called François Akinosho Architecture (Paris/Nigeria). She graduated as an architect in 2004 having studied architecture at Ecole d’architecture de marne la vallée (Paris), Accademia di architettura mendrisio (Switzerland). She has worked and led projects at Archi-tectonics (New York), Bonetti-Kozerski (New York), Bernard Tschumi Architects (New York), Ateliers Lion (Paris), including Total E&P and Design group (Nigeria).

Aramide’s work will focus on the requalification of the notion of beauty in African architecture through the avenues of style, shape and space. She holds the position that beauty might dwell in the balance of non-physical or ‘non-palpable’ parameters. Using the term ‘esthetics’ instead of ‘aesthetics’ she attempts to distinguish her approach from the naive, ubiquitous views of physical beauty via form and space.

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