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Kako is a unique foldable desk by Probuk made out of Premium quality plywood, Baltic Birch. Its name stems from the Nigerian Yoruba language and denotes 'fold'. While it's essence is deeply rooted in rich African tradition, the desk is a fusion of the African culture with Ultra-modern design.

 A foremost High Tech Product, it can be folded upward to keep it away from the floor or downward, away from the wall — so choose your fold! What is more? The height of the desk isn't compromised because of these added qualities. It's Sophisticated Architectural Design makes it suitable for use in homes, offices and school apartments. You can work, study, or eat on it. This brilliant product is stain and water resistant and offers durability and lasting use. Its sturdiness gives the added benefit of being sat upon.

Probuk Studio offers Innovative Technology at its best with the Kako desk's sleek features. The multipurpose Kako desk has all you need in a desk. It provides a wireless charging infrastructure capable of charging mobile devices. It also allows for undisturbed wired charging when installed close to an outlet area.


The Kako allows for three (3) modes of use:


* The Work Mode: When it is half stretched. It can contain your laptop, tablet, note-pad and phone all at once.


* The Full Extension Work Mode: When it is fully stretched for added table-top space.


* Rest Mode: When folded up or down, no doubt an excellent addition to your interior, while creating space.


So if you're thinking of a sleek smart desk, think Kako...maximum luxury at an affordable price.



SKU: 364215376135191
  • KAKO is a smart multipurpose wall mounted desk assembly. It is ideal for work or study desk. The design of this desk is unique in that it possesses multiple functionalities which though individually present in other products, have never been combined in a single design. First, it is a collapsible desk which has the capacity to be folded downwards or upwards without compromising on the standard desk height. When folded upwards, it has the appearance of an elegant piece of furniture; when folded downwards, it stays out of sight and does not compromise with the interior décor of the space. Second, it is easily expandable when more space is needed for work, study or play.  Kako is suitable for small rooms and apartments. The product is built with the modern user in mind as it comes with a wireless charging system. When installed close to an outlet area it is designed to prevent cords and wires from folding when the desk is collapsed. This avant-garde desk design has a stylish aesthetic appeal making it suitable for any part of the home. Its sophisticated outlook does not detract from its sturdiness and durability as it is made from premium quality Ply-wood.


    • Made out of top-quality plywood

    • Can be mounted of the wall

    • Expandable desk surface

    • Can be collapsed upwards or downwards

    • Has inbuilt wireless charging system

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