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Diamond Cube

A Flexible Micro Home Built With Sustainable Technology

The Diamond Cube is a multi-location micro home that can be located on land, in the desert or on water.


It covers a total area of only 270 square feet, which certainly qualifies it as a micro house!


With the capability to generate both its own power using solar and its own food using Hydroponics, it is intended to be a flexible and functional structure for young couples.


The interior space is an open plan concept which features loft bed that has a bench, full size bed, storage shelves, a work table and serves as the access stairs to the loft space above. This loft space can become a play area, lounge area or meditation space.


The cooking area is located close to the hydroponic system which when vegetables, herbs and spices are fully grown becomes some kind of curtain or drapes thereby providing Sun shading for the internal space. The space also features a bathroom and a toilet with a walk in closet.

It is designed to be built with bamboo injected with resin for its structural support. The walls are built with hempcrete and then cladded on the exterior with clay and left in the sun to bake becoming terracotta. The roof is designed using PTFE fabric hence allowing the structure to be lighter. The form of the roof allows for solar panels that are custom-tailored to suit the design, providing shade for the fabric membrane in harsh weather conditions.                                                                                                                                                 

Self Sustaining Home Garden

Sustainable Materials and Technologies

Multifunctional Space

diamond cube
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